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Scene Builders

Group Exhibition of Local Artists

Opening Reception: Friday, July 21st (6:30-9:00pm)

Exhibition: Friday, July 21st - Saturday, Oct. 14th

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(left photograph of Helena Martin taken by Know ATX)

Art for the People has constructed Scene Builders that involve artists whose artworks are created on or in buildings and on bodies. Scene Builders are our artists who see a blank space and create & design the area to tell a story. We have North Fabrication whose motto is “Design-Create-Innovate”, ATx Muralists who create ever changing artwork on different surfaces and ATx Tattoo Artists who create their art generated from people’s memories & stories of their life. Local & Fabulous!

Featured Artists

APSE, Avery O., Becca Borrelli & Jeremiah Hurta, Cody Blazek, Daddy Otis, Drib, Emily Ding, Hanz Zaraté, Helena Martin, Jason Jones, J Muzacz, Kimie Flores, Lurissu, Mila Sketch, Miles Starkey, Nate Pollock, North Fabrication and Stellar Roz.

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"Humility Apse"

Spray Paint and Acrylic on Wood & Wood Veneer | 24" x 36" | $570


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Avery O.

"I'm over the moon for you, baby...but I just need some space."

Acrylic on birch panels | 12"x12" | $375

(can be hung horizontally or vertically.)

The theme and style of this piece is a mini copy of a full bedroom mural. The title and story attached is actually a breakup story, inspired by close friends of mine who called it quits while I started painting it. If the panels are placed in the order of two, three, one astronauts it follows their story of opening then ending their relationship.

**I also have individual prints available at $20 each or $50 for set of three.**

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Becca Borrelli & Jeremiah Hurta


Craft wood multi-media illustration | 16” x 20” | $350


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Cody Blazek

"Mask of Cameroon"

Colored pencil on wood panel | 6” x 4” | $200

I am fascinated by micro-cultures and indigenous tribes. During a visit to Seattle’s museum, I was taken by the ceremonial masks of Cameroon. I blended my exploration of scifi with the lights and glass, but retained the wood carved face that I fell in love with.

"Fruit Loop"

Colored pencil on wood panel | 8” x 8” | $300

Branching off from my Leucochloridium series, this was a fun interpretation of Tcan Sam from the Fruit Loops breakfast cereal.

"Leucochloridium #1"

Colored pencil on wood panel | 8” x 8” | $300

A dying species of parasitic worm gasps for resurrection as it zombifies its host. What appear to be horns are the bird’s swollen antennae. This parasitic worm burrows in the brain controlling its host in order to extend its life. This piece is part of a series exploring the natural and disturbing beauty of wildlife and it’s many ways of survival.


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Daddy Otis

"Spray Can Rocket"

Laser etched masonite, spraypaint | 16” x 21” | $300

Based off of an evolving image of mine, this Spraycan rocket was first painted on the walls of Hope Outdoor Gallery, and has been reworked, and changed many times. It represents how free and liberating graffiti can feel, As I believe graffiti is the truest version of freedom of speech (for an artist) that there is.

"Screamin' Cedar"

One Solid Piece of Red Cedar (Chainsaw carved), spray paint | 18” x 24” | $1,200

This piece was created for a Jim Philips tribute show at SprATX, the show was sponsored by Santa Cruz Skate boards. Artists in various cities around the world created tribute pieces of the iconic skateboard logo "the Screaming Hand". This piece, as well as a few others from here in Austin were chosen to be in the final show at the Santa Cruz MAH, where they were on display for 9 months in 2016.

"Get Up"

Salvaged Wood cuttings, Red Cedar | 6” x 22” | $450 - SOLD

Created for a Free Art Friday group show with SprATX, this piece was blocked out with a chainsaw. I loved the idea of the juxtaposition of Graffiti and wood carving and tried to show it by painting the graff phrase "Get Up" (meaning: get your art up on those walls, and out there.) on the side of the rocket... plus I love that double entendre.

"+5 Druidic Smiter"

Salvaged Wood cuttings, Red Cedar and Metal | 14” x 24” x 9” | $750

One of the first Chainsaw carving pieces I ever created, I did this one just for me, creating something mystical and mysterious that represented one of my great passions...Video games. It is based off of the design of a playstation controller (over-sized of course), with some runes engraved on the buttons.

*Muralist & Woodworker

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"My Perfect Mess"

Spray paint & acrylic on canvas | 24" x 24" | $150

Life is messy. The human character is messy. But when fate brings together the messy lives and flawed hearts of two unlikely lovers, the sum of their equation is perfection.

"Stand Out From the Flock"

Acrylic on canvas | 6" x 12" | $70 - SOLD

Art is individualism. Art is freedom. Art is nonconformity. Art is rebellion. In a world where we are expected to play by rules written by a plastic society, stand out and rebel.

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Emily Ding

"The Seven Ravens"

Acrylic on canvas | 36" x 36" | $750

Inspired by a Grimm’s fairy tale, The Seven Ravens tells a tale of a girl that goes on a journey to find her seven brothers, who have been cursed to be ravens. She encounters the sun and moon, who are intense and malevolent, and meets the stars, who treat her kindly. It is a story of selflessness, as the girl embarks not knowing what she will face, but does so anyway to bring back her brothers.

"Some Days Gray"

Acrylic on canvas | 16" x 20" | $250

There are some days when you can be a few shades darker than you want to be.

"Rainbow Milk"

Acrylic on canvas | 12" x 16" | $175

The best part of eating cereal.


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Hanz Zaraté


Acrylic on canvas | 12” x 24” | $300

"Crazy Fox"

Watercolor on paper | 10” x 14” | $300

*Tattoo Artist

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Helena Martin

Rising Waters

Watercolor & Ink | 14”x11” | $375

Tiny figures building a castle ascend the neck of a taciturn female, her head lowered in repose. A purple dog along with trio of lady spirits survey the construction. Antiquated biplanes fly in from afar, dropping reinforcements. Will the castle be finished before the water engulfs them all?


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Jason Jones

"In Space"

Oil on Canvas | 29” x 54” | $1,950

* Tattoo Artist

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J Muzacz

"Buick Regal Hard Top"

Acrylic and oil paint on canvas | 48" x 36" |$1,250 each / $2000 for both

"2000 Lincoln Town Car"

Acrylic & oil paint on canvas | 48" x 36" | $1,250 each / $2000 for both



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* Life is Sweet books

* Japan 365 books

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Kimie Flores

"The time has come"

Spray paint and latex paint on panel | 18" x 24" | $250

I enjoy painting my friends, they are a reacquiring subject matter in my work. Our interactions are always unique and interesting in there own way. The whole process from idea to shoot creates this form of camaraderie that can’t be replicated. For instance my friend Gerardo is this brilliant and insightful artist. The way he is in tuned with his aesthetic and sexuality is something admirable. He is so young yet so certain, when we worked together I noticed how he came to life when he wore makeup. I knew we both share the same love for the art of drag.

The whole art form is captivating with the exploration of characters, costumes and performance. When we disused Ideas we took some photos with and without makeup, I noticed that Gerardo’s personality changed significantly when we switched to makeup. It seemed like he shed all walls of insecurities and just allowed himself to be who he envisioned himself as. In the moment I felt blessed, it was like he showed me who he really was. I found it hard to choose one image to paint so I decided to make a series. It seemed like the proper way to document the moment and cherish it at the same time. Possibly it was my selfish way of trying to duplicate the memory, I don’t have a concrete answer other then I appreciated the time and wanted to bring it into fruition.


Oil on board | 20”x12” | $200

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"Accident Prone"

Acrylic paint & oil-based paint marker | 20" x 24" | $250.

I started learning how to roller skate several months ago and while it's been fun, it has also been painful. Skate culture and street art culture have a connection that is most obvious to me when I leave HOPE Outdoor Gallery after painting for a few hours and then head to House Park across the street to skate around. Painting and skating both get me pumped up, have made various parts of my body hurt badly, and have allowed me to be a part of awesome communities in Austin.

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Mila Sketch

"Day and Night"

Wood (recycled skateboard by No Comply), acrylic, ink | 30” x 8.5” | $600

Deconstructed skateboard representing day and night. It symbolizes two sides of everything in life; and how detached things can be invisibly connected.

The medium is chosen to bring life to recycled item that once upon a time excited a young soil. It's all about a fresh spirit that never goes away. Skateboard is carrying a very dynamic energy of a modern city. Many of us associate skateboard with youth and teenage dreams. Mila has given it a second never ending life in a shape of artwork.

* Muralist

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Miles Starkey


Lithograph | 21.5” x 27” | $750

Viewed from my spacecraft, I was able to produce this print via a stone as the humans sometimes do to capture moments. I believe the living structures were abandoned at this point or in the process of being evacuated due to unknown and possibly threatening lights from above.

Throw the Dog(s) a Bone

Aerosol | 16” x 20” | $200

Stencil art is some of my favorite work as it is reminiscent of Christmas. Not the part about baby Jesus, but the part where you unwrap presents... spray painting reveals the layered image that I've cut and still continues to surprise me. Merry Christmas!

Congress is for Politicians, but that Bridge is for Art.

Acrylic & Aerosol | 20” x 16” | $400

Some people believe part of this painting was stencil and others think it was all hand work, the first group is wrong, LOL I fooled them. Either way, this particular piece is meant to be a commentary on the prolificity of graffiti in our city. God bless ATX.

God is a Peeping Tom, but in a Good Way.

Acrylic & Aerosol | 21.5” x 13” | $200

Imagine God sitting there patiently, sometimes giggling at what we the people are doing, knowing that we will be asking The Almighty, yet again, to forgive our transgressions.

Art & Love

Mixed Media | NFS

Art & Love both require passion. Without creation, life is hollow like a shell and love is easily displaced like a swing in the wind. Due to the emotional vulnerability and delicate balance of these relationships, it's often difficult to maintain both without leaving a feeling of being constantly suspended.


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Nate Pollock

“Like a Stone”

Spray paint & resin, wood cabinet | 29" x 16" | $600


Spray paint & resin on wood cabinet | 20.5" x 10" | $400

“Jail Bird”

spray paint & resin on wood cabinet | 20.5" x 10" | $400


Spray paint & resin on wood cabinet | 36" x 10" | $450

“Self Portrait”

Spray paint on canvas | 40" x 30" | $750

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North Fabrication


Raw steel base with a natural pecan slab for the bottom of lake travis | 60”x16”x20” | $2800

The name is “Eutierria” “a good and positive feeling of oneness with the earth and its life forces.” It arises when “the human-nature relationship is spontaneous and mutually enriching (symbiotic).” [1] (The prefix eu comes from the Greek word for “good”; the root tierra means Earth.)

This wood came from a discovered small grove of pecans underneath lake Travis. Estimated to have been there for a few hundred years. They were preserved by the dark, cold and tiny organisms that would continually clean the pulp from the wood. This caused the pecan wood to become almost rock hard. When discovered it was pulled out of lake Travis with organic powered hydraulic chain saws then cut into slabs at local saw mill Birdall. It then found its way North Fab where we hand worked it and then finished with a wax/oil mixture and settled it on its sacred geometry base. We wanted a sacred geometry base with clean lines to compliment natures natural occurring art.

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Stellar Roz

"My Beautiful Mess"

Spraypaint, Acrylic, & Gold Leaf on Wood Skateboard deck | 33" x 8" | $295