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Abstract Absolutely

Group Exhibition of Various Artists

Opening Reception: Friday, July 21st (6:30-9:00pm)

Exhibition: Friday, July 21st - Saturday, Oct. 14th

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We are excited to explore the abstract!

(featured piece: "Naive" by Aimée Everett)

Art for the People assembled Abstract Absolutely to showcase the relationship of color and form with a variety of Austin artists. Curating 17 artists’ artwork of different mediums and technique will create a visual array for everyone.


Aimée Everett, Arielle Austin, Bryan Macilko, Dane Gudde of Gudde Co., Erik Packheiser, Evan Runyon, Julie Ahmad, Julie Pelaez, Malati Vasudevan, Nevena Bentz, Rebecca Gordon, Rebecca Klier, Rene Gortat, Rydia Mün, Shelly Floyd, Stephanie Estrin, and Ted Kurland.

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Aimée Everett

" Naive"

Oil and Oil Pastel on Birchwood Panel | 16" x 19" | $450

This piece is about the times you give in to childlike ideals.

"Should've Said No"

Gold Leaf and Oil on Canvas | 30" x 30" | $600

This piece is inspired by those times we say one thing and mean the other. The canvas has dual sides to represent the inner battle to please others and ourselves.

"Brilliantly Jaded"

Oil on Canvas | 20" x 20" | $450

We always say that we are Jaded to the ways of the world. I see being jaded in certain situations as precious.

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Arielle Austin

"habitual grace"

Acrylic Paint & Dried Flowers | 9" x 9" | $50

"You Are What You Need"

Acrylic Paint & Dried Flowers | 9” x 9” | $50

In a desire to marry my love for abstraction and oral mixed media, a new series was born. Even in creating art, true grace is habitual. It’s given over and over again. That’s how true transformation comes about.


Mixed Media on canvas | 12” x 24” | $250

2017 began in a creative slump. A frightening and paralyzing slump that forces one to question the path before them. These are the works I fought for, fought through, and found my voice in once more. Small moments of softness hold the peace, and calm that was sought in the confusion and uncertainty. And still, the dark strokes are surrounded by vibrancy and light. Those are the sweetest surprises that are a reminder that, as an artist, I’m not done yet.

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Bryan Macilko

"Bucolic Interlude"

Encaustic over board | 16" x 16" | $450

I have always admired and been influenced by the Hudson Valley School of painters whose aesthetic vision was influenced by romanticism in pastoral scenes. They are soothing to me in color and vision and this peaceful, bucolic feeling is what I have tried to convey in this piece.

"Cracked Open"

Encaustic and shellac over board | 6" x 12" | $275

As an amateur gardener, part of the joy of planting flowers is the anticipation of seeing the buds prior to the blooms opening and the expectation of the color and movement once they do. This piece conveys the fun of blooms "cracking open" and sharing their dance in the wind and their ribbon of colors.

"Dancing Poppy"

Encaustic and shellac over board | 12" x 12" | $350

This piece is all about conveying joy. Joy in color, joy in shapes and joy in the movement of the poppy as it dances in the wind.

"Reaching for the Sun"

Encaustic and shellac over board | 24" x 24" | $600

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Dane Gudde of Gudde Co.

"The Walking Dude"

Watercolor, Colored Pencil | 9" x 12" | $495

I recently finished reading Stephen King’s “The Stand”. The antagonist of the story is known as “The Walking Dude.” He is able to send his eye out, as a scout, to anywhere he pleases. This idea was my inspiration for the painting. The idea of the all seeing eye isn’t a new one as even King pays homage to Tolkien’s Sauron in The Stand. The eye is the central focal point of the painting but, is engulfed in the shadows of the painting, as if the scout is watching.

As a woodworker and furniture maker, I have also made the frame you see before you; cut the matting and mounted the painting as well. The frame is made from solid White Oak hardwood and features a single piece of “Tru Vu Optium Museum Acrylic.” Optium acrylic is an anti-glare, UV blocking acrylic used in museums to protect and preserve artwork. The painting is mounted on archival mounting board and matting to ensure that there are no chemicals in the mounting to degrade or harm the painting.

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Erik Packheiser

"Ceviche" - SOLD

Mixed media on canvas | 10" x 10" | $75

"Date with Divinity"

Mixed media on canvas | 10" x 20" | $100 | SOLD

"Evil Twin"

Mixed media on canvas | 10" x 10" | $100

"Grotta Astratta"

Acrylic and resin on canvas | 16" x 20" | $150

"Pollen Mask"

Mixed Media on canvas | 11" x 14" | $100

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Evan Runyon

"Your Bell"

Acrylic on wood panel | 24" x 16" | $400

This piece had to come together in layers, over a period of a few weeks. I had to let go of some elements that refused to get along with others, and get back to my primary principle in art- trust your first instinct.

"From the Clouds"

Acrylic on wood panel | 16’x16” | $295

I have a longstanding love affair with bright pinks, and this piece is another in that line. I always enjoy balancing my pinks with ochre and deep blue.

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Julie Ahmad

"Ain't She Purdy"

Alcohol Ink on Glass | 16"x 20", 20.5"x 24.5" | $650

"Desert Fire"

Alcohol Ink on Glass | 16"x 20", 20.5"x 24.5" | $650

The inspiration from these two pieces have derived from a current love affair with alcohol ink in which I'm currently engaged. I’m blissfully immersed in the getting to know you process as I experiment with different unconventional tools and techniques; eye droppers, spritzer bottles, straws, q-tips and blow dryers all have been repurposed. Even traditional surfaces have been reinvented as I’ve discovered that painting directly onto the glass then adding a plain white paper background to enhance the ink is providing remarkable results. Not only are the colors vibrantly exquisite, they seem to have a life all their own. I, as the artist, often feel as if I am merely a vehicle for the application and am delighted to be able to witness as the images unfold. There are many surprises that occur as the painting flows and organically takes shape.

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Julie Pelaez

"Floating in Limbo"

Alcohol inks on clayboard | 12" x 12" | $250

The feeling of helplessness propelled me to create this piece while a family member spent days fighting for their life in critical condition, vacillating back and forth from this life and beyond. This was my visualization of the in between, the limbo, and the uncertainty of that time. Months later and against odds, I'm happy to report he made it and is making strides every day. The body's ability to recover is a truly unbelievable thing.

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Malati Vasudevan

Pieces from 'Paperlace' series:

"Broken Paths"

Hand-cut paper layered over pen and ink | 8" x 10" | $119

"Golden Pieces"

Hand-cut paper layered over pen and ink | 8" x 8" | $81


Hand-cut paper layered over pen & ink | 8"x8" | $81

I'm fascinated by the immensely cathartic process of cutting away the non-essential. A creation of depth, beauty, and abundance through pruning the whole, paradoxically creating layers of complexity through simplification.

Artist Statement for 'Totem Hues' series

This series is a contemporary perspective on Totems. The interplay of colors with geometric patterns and textures. The balance provided through the imperfect symmetry of the objects and texture provide a sense of familiarity and peace.

Totem Hues Series

Alcohol and gel ink on Canson layered over Papyrus paper | 11" x 17" | $325 each

*Sold separately

This series is a contemporary perspective on Totems. The interplay of colors with geometric patterns and textures. The balance provided through the imperfect symmetry of the objects and texture provide a sense of familiarity and peace.

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Nevena Bentz

"Cape Cod "

"Walden Pond"


Acrylics on canvas | 12" x 12" each | $275 each

**sold separately**

All are inspired by the beauty of Massachusetts where I lived for three years. The first is named Nantucket, the second is Cape Cod and the last one is named Walden Pond. These paintings pay tribute to the splendid nature surrounding the Boston area which inspired me to venture into the visual arts, at a time I was mostly writing French poetry.

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Rebecca Gordon

"Nasty Women"

mixed media on panel | 22"x18" | $600.00

Description: Painting as both a medium and an action has always interested me with its infinite possibilities for construction and application, I love to create bold paintings with lots of layers. This piece was born from the desire to develop a visual dialogue of dichotomies: the technical application between expressive action (seen in the flowery, abstract brushwork) and the precise geometric shapes emanating from the center of the panel.

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Rebecca Klier

"Bright Landscape l & ll"

Acrylic on canvas | 5" x 7" each | $65 each

**sold separately**

Bright Landscape I

Bright Landscape II - SOLD

Nature is ever at work building and pulling down, creating and destroying, keeping everything whirling and flowing, allowing no rest but in rhythmical motion, chasing everything in endless song out of one beautiful form into another. -John Muir

I love using color and marks to interpret what my heart feels when I’m in the presence of a beautiful view. Can you feel it? A cool breeze tickling your cheeks; the fragrance of flowers, trees and grass; the music of birds, insects and animals in the midst of their day.

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Rene Gortat

"Blue Map"

"Green Map"

Acrylic paint, mixed media, marker | 1' x 3' x 3' | $250 each

These painting are influenced by travel, motion, direction and control. I spent much of my life moving around, once a year on average. I continually look for a place to call home. These paintings allow me to continue that search and explore the meaning of stability and calmness. I considered these painting as three dimensional objects, layering and building with paint and medium.

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Rydia Mün


Acrylic on Canvas | 18" x 24" | $300

Stream of consciousness painting inspired by the moment of return.

*Can be hung portrait or landscape

"Catching The Sky"

Acrylic on Canvas | 12" x 12" | $175

Dancing light ignites my mind. Glimpses of the bright sky flicker through, blinding me enough to see through the veil between worlds.


Acrylic & Ceramic Stucco | 12" x 12" | $175

Brain fog obscures my inner view.

Trying to go inside to find meditative peace that shelters me from the overwhelming outside.

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Shelly Floyd

"Abstract Number 571"

The total solar eclipse is going to be seen in the USA in August. This was my inspiration for Abstract Number 571. We are going to See it in Tennessee!

"Abstract Number 572"

My inspiration for Abstract Number 572 Came from my recent travels to Europe. I painted this one after we got back because I felt how connected we all are in the world-and how small it really is.

"Abstract Number 575"

20”x20” | $500

"Abstract Number 513"

24”x24” | $500

"Abstract Number 511"

24”x24” | $500

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Stephanie Estrin

"Poppy I, II, & III"

Acrylic on canvas | 12” x 12” | $175 each

This trio of paintings was created during a phase where I was painting a lot of floral abstracts. This particular set was the result of me loosening up and exploring raw and organic movements in the floral elements. This was achieved with a lot of gestural marks and scratching through the paint.

I wanted to evoke a feeling of aliveness and freedom.

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Ted Kurland

"Fate’s Gamble"

Acrylic on canvas | 22” x 28” | $375

A misty silvery disc or moon rising from a field of red trimmed in soft yellows that sweep up as if to challenge the moons ascent.


Acrylic on canvas| $450

This painting has an interplay of opaque, primary colors at different depths. Energetic shards of yellow explode across the foreground, covering and revealing through its openness the forms and color regions below. Though there is no use of perspective, there is a sense of depths as underlying regions of colors and forms peek through the voids of the kinetic yellow.


Acrylic on canvas | 16” x 19” | $175

A swath of a loose knit blue, like a grand gesture overlaps a fork of two flowing streams of yellow, draped with by swath of diaphanous red. Once again, the idea that what is solid is mostly space, creating a transparency to that as one region overlaps another the colors of underlying regions shine through undiluted.


Acrylic on canvas | 24” x 24” | $300

A sweep of soft yellow across a field of blues, lavenders, subtle reds. and earthy greens, from which blackened pieces, like black musical notes are being blown or drawn into flight.