White Fox Studio: Melissa Ragland

If you have visited with me at a show, or purchased my work, a thousand thanks! I feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to work in a field that I love. My day-to-day interactions at the clay shop allow me to learn from some of the greatest clay artists in Texas, as well as absorb the knowledge of my talented and experienced coworkers. Even though my 9-to-5 limits my time in the studio, the creative wheel is constantly spinning in the back of my head, allowing me to formulate and plan before I ever touch a slab. This allows me to have more specific intentions when I do get my hands on the clay, and I feel that my time is spent more efficiently and my motions are more purposeful because of it. Though I received my formal instruction in drawing and painting, I always enjoyed ceramics as my elective choice for studios. After completing my thesis and moving cross-country, I fell into the ceramics community almost by accident, and have found a deep-seated passion for clay. While I may not have ended up as an illustrator or painter by trade, my 2-D background expresses itself in the graphic nature of my pots. My goal as a potter is to make work that is fun, functional, and affordable, as well as artistically stimulating. Functional pottery is an intimate part of life, and I've found that the pots a person gravitates toward tend to be an expression of their personality. Nothing feels better than seeing a person's excitement when they discover that particular cup or plate that fits them, like finding a reflection of the soul.

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