Rhea Groepper Pettit

Prints - Hi there, I'm Rhea Groepper Pettit, and I live in the Austin metro with my husband and kitty. I pretty much love all genres of art, but I'm especially drawn to portrait painting. I have a passion for earth's residents: people and other species. I majored in fine art at the University of Texas, but the huge abstracts that were all the rage back then just weren't my style, and I wanted to earn a living. I switched to a more "practical" degree in graphic design. For the last 25 years I've been a professional designer, doing a few paintings here and there, and a lot of digital collage for fun. Since 2013, I have diligently devoted time to practice fine art and grow as a painter. I've taken workshops with David Shevlino, Jennifer Balkan, and at Laguna Gloria, which have been very helpful. I draw inspiration from the multitude of contemporary masters working today, as well as the ones who came before us. In June 2016 I transitioned to painting full time as a professional artist. I welcome new customers, and am thrilled that I have a number of faithful patrons who keep me busy with commissions. I could not have made this leap without their support!