Pretty Kiku

Earrings - Welcome! I am Manue Reynolds, and I own and operate PrettyKiku, in the amazing, beautiful, sunny city of Austin, TX. PrettyKiku emerged from two different, unrelated inspirational sources. I am a geologist specialized in mineralogy and have always harbored a strong passion for rocks and crystals - their different shapes, geometry, colors. The other side of my passion comes from my fascination for Japan. I am in awe of their culture, their arts, their food, flora, history, etc... I admire how meticulous and thorough Japanese people can be. I try to honor that by making the most out of their gorgeous, colorful handmade papers. I treat each sheet of paper like the most delicate of precious stones. Paper is my medium. I started back in 2008, collecting Japanese paper everywhere I traveled. I experimented for a few months and discovered new and creative ways to use the precious and delicate paper, beyond the art of folding. PrettyKiku was officially born in 2011, with the opening of my Etsy shop. Since the release of my first pieces, my jewelry has evolved into bold, lightweight, colorful statement pieces that can be worn in any circumstance. I use laser cutting technology to produce the wooden base for every single piece I create. Every pair of earrings, every bangle, every necklace is handmade by me. The paper is carefully picked and hand cut, making each piece absolutely unique as no two cuts are the same. I truly believe this is something my customers cherish. Kiku, in Japanese, is the Chrysanthemum. The flower is a symbol of longevity and rejuvenation.