Elisa Wikey

After being bitten by a radioactive pencil. Being alive is weird; I draw funny stuff about it. My work is influenced by picture books, Lowbrow, cartoons, Americana, any culture with a bad attitude, and has been most often described as ‘HA!’ or 'Aww.' It’s been said to flirt with a dangerous sense of humor and is probably fun to look at by children aged 2 to 67.2, the average life expectancy in the world today. I'm inspired by The Far Side, all the cartoons I watched as a kid (and still do watch), and all of my talented friends in the comic industry. I often describe my work as single-panel comics. They're noodley, cute, irreverent, and subversive. I'm drawn to characters who are doing their best to survive with a healthy dose of dark humor. I'm constantly learning more about myself as an artist. I'm finding more people searching for some humor in this dustbin called life.

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