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Abby Ruston

Furniture/Coffee - I am always inspired to turn what is tarnished or the “ugly “ spot into the aesthetic focal point of interest. One of the pillars of what I do is to practice the Principle of Wabi Sabi. Finding beauty in the imperfect. The areas that are now blue were once gouged out and rotted. I hand mixed this blue color to help give this ash wood a new life! The area that is blue is also now stronger than the wood which to me speaks volumes that when we embrace and lead with the imperfections that make us unique ourselves we are stronger than when we try to hide.

Alicia Wells

Photography - For me, it always comes back to that famous Ferris Bueller quote "Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it." I find the camera gives me a license to slow down. To take everything in before it changes. And, things seem to be changing at lightning speed lately. I think that is what fascinates me about photography; the speed of the shutter, the freezing of time. For me there is nothing else like it. I also find my pursuit of photography is as much exploration as it is art. I want to understand what makes us tick. I want to slow down, to really see what is going on around me. Too often we get on a track in life. Driving back and forth to work, to school, to the store. We follow the same roads, interact with the same people. We take comfort in the routine. We take shelter in it. Photography forces me off of the path of this sameness, forces me to see other people and places. Often within a mile from my home, but really worlds away.

Austin Blanks

Lapel Pins & Stickers - Everybody loves mail. And everybody in their right mind loves Austin. That's why we started Austin Blanks in 2008 – to bring all the hidden and iconic wonders of our city to you and your friends' mailboxes. Whether you're in Dubai or New Zealand, Iceland or the UK, Austin Blanks is bringing you the warmth and weirdness of Austin, TX. Every purchase from Austin Blanks supports our local community. Not only do we credit and support local artists whose images you see on our products – but we also donate proceeds to local foundations. After all, arts and community are at the core of what this great city is all about.

BDJ (Brian D Johnson)

Earrings - All my pieces are made from sustainably harvested domestic hardwoods, my favorite being black walnut and cherry. Though I use varying construction techniques, my primary mode of joinery is stack lamination of solid layers. It's achieved with proper wood milling, glue, clamps and hours of sanding. The decorative line work is machined by hand and the resin is mixed and poured in studio. Most decor pieces are done in a grain and resin matched.

Becca Borrelli

Prints & Stickers - Becca Borrelli is an admirer of doodling, lettering, and art teaching. Since graduating with an MA in Art Education from The University of Texas, she has been working as an art teacher at The Contemporary Art School in Austin, and establishing an illustration and sign making business.

She is inspired by the invisible connections between all things, and her work aims to be a playful, bright, and hopeful interpretation of the world's whimsical and magical sides. She has fallen in love with her hometown (ie Austin, Tx) where she spends free time exploring the town with her husband and their super-pups Layla & Rose.

Becca was one of our first print artists that joined our artisan market in June 2015. AFTP read about Becca in the local Austin blog, The Austinot, where the top Etsy Austin Artists were listed. So...we contacted Becca and she now has expanded her art line to include her coloring books, greeting cards, prints and stickers of iconic Austin locations. Becca was commissioned by HEB (grocery chain) to design their Earth Day 2017 & 2018 reusable bag!!!

Bee Mary

Jewelry - Andrea Yakerson is a self taught, local jewelry designer. She works with mix media, crushed glass to create her unique, delicate, pieces. Bee Mary offers a variety of styles and collections. Each piece is designed by hand and crafted with 24k gold, silver and copper plated precious metals. Andrea gives back to the community through local charities as Bee Mary grows, in memory of her grandma and best friend Mary.

Benjamin Soap Company

Bath & Body Care - Benjamin Soap Company was established in 2014 with the sole mission of making pure, additive free bath, body and home products affordable for everyone. We strive to use the purest ingredients and source locally when we can..

Boho Grit

Earrings - With an obsession for crystals and succulents, Emily has created Boho Grit, the ultimate bohemian lifestyle brand from jewelry to home decor and planters. Emily Dunn is an Austin artist and designer and owner of Boho Grit, under which she designs home goods and accessories focused on raw stones and a minimal aesthetic. She has a BA in Cultural Anthropology from Vanderbilt University.

Cara Jackson

Stickers - Cara Jackson is a lover of the outdoors and can regularly be found hiking the Greenbelt, snapping photos of things that intrigue her. She wants to share with you the beauty and sense of awe she finds in nature. Her most recent work highlights Texas State Parks, which are numerous, diverse, and easy to visit.

Carla Hughes

Ceramics & Sculpture - Carla Hughes grew up in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas. After high school, she moved to Austin to live loudly. There she studied art and welding while starting a family. Moving home afforded her the opportunity to finish her BFA at UTPA, concentrating in ceramics and sculpture. After graduation she received a scholarship to attend Penland School of Craft and attended the summer residency program at the Chautauqua Institution. She currently works out of her studio in Harlingen, Texas.

Cat Quintanilla

Sculpture - Cat Quintanilla is native born Austinite and full time stone sculptor, photographer and linoleum print artist. Cat creates art with the objective of bringing a smile to your face and the wonder and innocence that art should awaken in all of us. With a carving studio in SW Austin and a new art studio in Guanajuato, Mexico, many of her works of art are created on both sides of the frontera to bring a rich, tasty and totally unique piece of art for you to enjoy.

Chaos Woods

Wood Home Goods - Chaos Woods is husband and wife artist team, Terry and Sarah Snow. In 2014 we started making unusual toys. Since then we’ve expanded into small sculpture, turned vessels, wood burnings, and unique home furnishings. We are highly collaborative, consulting each other throughout our creative process. The results are sometimes an interesting juxtaposition of masculine and feminine, frequently both delicate and bold at the same time. We really enjoy sharing our ideas with each other and turning them into a reality. We especially enjoy making each other laugh and hope that our delight transcends each piece. Terry is primarily the woodworker, shaping, cutting, turning and sanding. Sarah is the finisher, painting, staining and wood burning. All of our objects are made of wood. We try to use locally sourced and reclaimed wood when possible and pay attention to environmental impact.

Chloé Jane Gray

Watercolor Prints - When Chloé’s nose isn’t five inches away from a piece of watercolor paper–with tiny brushes in hand and enthralling audiobooks in ear–you can find her consuming entire bags of goldfish crackers or watering plants or wrestling her shelties River & Gully. As a youngster she moved every couple of years. She’s lived in Ohio, the Mojave Desert, Washington DC, Okinawa, and on 3 different occasions, Texas. She has a great appreciation for the art of storytelling. She strives to produce beautifully detailed images that encourage close examination. She hates eggs, static electricity, and being late.

Chris Celusniak

Prints - My art presents views of a world that attains a synthesis of optimism. I want to show a hidden depth of stories within stories that come together to create the whole. These works eclectic by nature and derive their form from patterns, improbable vintage, and allegory. I ask the viewer to look into the canvas to find the intimate spaces within the larger whole, to read the narrative of its inhabitants each with a story to tell. I hope for the viewer to discover the emotional energy that I have endeavored to paint here. My goal here is to create a window on a feeling that you and I may share.

Chris Landry

Print & Sticker - Art has always been a part of my life. From elementary school to college the margins of every notebook have been filled with doodles. In the past I could be quite rigid with my art style but in recent years I have let myself be more free and experimental, focusing more on capturing the mood/personality of my subject. Illustration and painting give me a sense of comfort in the sense that when I create something I feel more connected to the world around me.

Connor Teseny

Prints - Nature has always been my biggest inspiration. My goal is to replicate the beauty of wildlife in as many different media as I can.

Daisy Metalworks

Earrings - Daisy Metalworks is based in Austin, TX and handcrafted by me, Mijhal Daisy Poler. All designs are made by hand in my studio, and nothing is ever mass-produced. I take pride in making pieces that are original and raw, giving off a delicate yet industrial feel, going beyond simply an accessory and evolving into an aesthetic that combines the vibrancy of the natural earth and the sleekness of modern design. I fell in love with metalsmithing after a trip to Israel in 2013, where one afternoon a jeweler taught me how to make a silver pendant. I had no idea those two hours would pave the path that I am on now. I became infatuated with metalwork and eagerly found a jeweler to apprentice with upon my return to the U.S. In 2015 I went to Mexico where I learned from a master in a small village -- that was when I became truly fascinated with the magic of working with metals. So, in 2017 I decided to launch Daisy Metalworks, put all of my other jobs on hold, and I have never looked back. I have an eager curiosity towards the world, as an avid traveler I am constantly inspired and fascinated by new places and cultures. I feel blessed that I get to wake up every morning and translate my curiosities into tangible pieces of wearable art.

D-E studio

Petrified Wood Home Goods- We are a family business based in College Station, and we collect our rocks mostly around Burleson county. D Bar E was born out of my love of fiber art and rocks and my desire to help my dad create something he can be proud of in his retired years. Jenna and her family harvest the petrified wood found on their ranch and create functional art from the gifts of the earth!

Deb Soromenho

Stickers - I’ve drawn forever, but I became addicted to drawing mandalas when I started making them to help myself meditate. As I drew them, I found myself with the patience (not one of my normal strengths) to draw intricate designs for hours on end. I discovered that I when I would hyper-focus on the lines I was putting on paper, the rest of the world would melt away (which sometimes ended up meaning dinner was really late, lol).The more I drew them, the more I loved them and I realized a lot of other people love them too. Just looking at them helps you feel calm and less stressed. -I’ve always drawn for fun, now I draw with a purpose!

Diego Nava

Framed Prints - From imaginative doodling as a kid to carefully developing my career as a graphic designer, I’ve enjoyed how both sides of visual artistry has played an important role in my life. I aim to mix the freedom of art with the structure of graphic design. I aim for my work to be fun, informative, precise, scalable and inspired by the wonderful world around me.

Edward Murray

Face Plant Pots - My art career started 15 years ago in Portland, Oregon where I was commissioned to do large-scale modern contemporary artwork for residential and commercial projects. After leaving Portland, I lived in several different states where I spent time experimenting with new mediums and cultivating unique techniques. Once I settled in Austin, I continued dabbling in many art forms. I am most drawn to interactive artwork and sculpture, and I will continue to create works that vary greatly in scale.

Eli Halpin

Prints & Home Decor - Eli Halpin grew up in Alaska and now lives and paints full time in Austin Texas.Her focus is on animal face expressions while enjoying and celebrating their paws, cheeks, whiskers, claws, hooves, antlers, horns and tusks. Eli uses thick oil paint and she loves to add acrylic, paper, metal leaf, spray paint, fabric, lace, ribbons, gemstones, sparkles, shells, crushed glass, beads, sand, mica, and pearls.Eli paints on wooden painting surfaces made with maple, birch and masonite in addition to hand crafted stretched canvases.

Eliana Bernard

Porcelain - Hi, I’m Eliana Bernard, the artist and designer behind my self-named business. I began working with clay in college and fell in love with the medium immediately. I experimented with liquid clay and mold-making, and loved every part of the process. Since then, most of my work has been made by slipcasting – pouring liquid clay into plaster molds. Working with slip has allowed me to explore new ideas through a variety of techniques. My current collection is inspired by marbled patterns created out of multiple experiments with liquid clay. I know what my material can do and I love pushing the boundaries to create something unique and visually appealing while maintaining its functionality. In the Marbled Collection, the pattern varies from piece to piece. Even with the process of slipcasting and using molds to produce a consistent form, every piece has its own pattern, making it truly one of a kind! I believe that the objects we bring to the table and home are important. That's why I take the time and care to create pieces that will make mealtimes more special, gatherings more meaningful and the home more beautiful, in hopes that you will enjoy each item as much as I enjoy making them.

Elisa Wikey

Framed Prints - Favorite subjects: food, animals, puns, existentialism.

My work is influenced by picture books, Lowbrow, cartoons, Americana, any culture with a bad attitude, and has been most often described as ‘HA!’ or 'Aww'; it’s been said to flirt with a dangerous sense of humor and is probably fun to look at by children aged 2 to 70.5, the average life expectancy in the world today.

I'm inspired by The Far Side, all the cartoons I watched as a kid (and still do watch), and all of my talented friends in the comic industry. I often describe my work as single-panel comics. They're noodley, cute, irreverent, and subversive with a healthy dose of dark humor.

Emily Mercedes

Greeting Cards & Prints - Most days you can find me hanging with my son and daughter somewhere in Austin, TX. We love going on adventures around town. When Mila is napping and my Ryland is at school, I am working on my art. I also paint a whole bunch in the evenings on my fancy shmancy kitchen table. I am mostly known for my whimsical and nostalgic watercolor paintings. I create time-lapse videos of everything I paint. I make it a whole lot more fun to watch paint dry over at my Instagram page. People often refer to me as detail-oriented and someone that doesn’t shy away from a painting challenge. I have completed two large painting-a-day projects over the past three years. The most recent one,#100daysofdrinks, made me thirsty! They call art a practice for a reason. I PRACTICE a lot. The things I’m most passionate about in life are my husband, children and my art. When I’m not busy painting, I love to travel!

Faisal Warsani

Home Decor & Paintings - My name is Faisal Warsani and I am a tropical landscape artist. I live in Chicago (my hometown) and recently received my degree in Architecture from University of Texas. Painting is a way for me to transport myself to other places. My art brings me back to Hawaii, where part of my soul belongs. And it takes me to places I have yet to see, far out in the Pacific. I am inspired by the beauty of the sea and the swaying of palm trees. Whether I am creating waves or mountain ranges, I'm most content when I am captivated by nature's designs.


Earrings - Ellen Bruxvoort is the designer and maker behind FIBROUS, a modern textile and accessory brand based in Austin, Texas. Founded in 2014, Ellen is forever finding the balance between fun, classy, statement, and comfortable. Using natural materials like wool, cotton, linen, hemp, copper, and rose gold, FIBROUS focuses on functional goods, jewelry and art for boutiques and individuals all around the world. Each piece is designed and produced by hand in our sunny Austin studio with a confident, intentional consumer in mind.

The Foxes Tail

Rope Bowls - Sew-Carve-Fold are the 3 facets of The Foxes Tail. I strive to create sustainable products through methods of upcycling and using USA made materials whenever I can. Everything is designed, cut, assembled and packaged by me. Attention to detail is very important, and custom orders are encouraged! Based in Austin, Texas you will find Texas themes in many of my products, from cacti to grackles, I am inspired by the scenery around me.

Greta Olivas

Acrylic on Paper - The work of Greta Olivas is full of color, which is usually the first thing people are drawn to. As the paintings are examined more closely their energy draws the viewer in. She describes her work as energy, or emotions that come through and end up on the canvas, they may seem like celestial bodies, but to her, they are a bigger understanding of the universe and our place within it.


Jewelry - I’ve made things for as long as I can remember. Whether it was teaching myself how to cook rice when I was 5 (there’s a fun story there), making my own jewelry and purses throughout grade school - and now just over the last few years - learning how to make tables and chairs that I use on a daily basis. There’s something to be said for things for making things by hand.

I believe we all have different ways of making the world better. For me, it’s through creating communities, telling stories and giving platforms to people to help them amplify their voices and experiences. That’s exactly what I want to do with this design business no matter what its format. These days I’m creating jewelry. In the future I would like to do furniture - and from there? Who knows?

Holli Hartman

Prints - Hi my name is Holli! I am the one behind all of the hand and Barton Springs paintings. As an artist and maker, I have always been fascinated with how multi-functional and necessary hands are in creating, communicating, healing, and spirituality, as well as all other aspects of day to day life. I create each hand painting to embody a character or personality. Oftentimes inspired by my sassy friends and family or even some of my favorite TV, novel, and movie characters, I paint things that make me happy and hope they bring joy to other people in the process. Barton Springs Pool is one of my happy places. I aim to highlight the ever beautiful natural springs and the collection of people that appreciate them. I was born and raised in Central Texas. I graduated from Texas State University where I majored in interior design with a minor in studio art. At university, my favorite assignment was a Fauve-inspired figure painting. You can see this style reflected in my work today through my use of bright and sometimes unrealistic colors. I also love playing with shapes and pattern. By combining these elements, along with character inspiration, these paintings reflect a part of me and my sense of humor.

Hope Outdoor Gallery

Books - A community-sourced art book featuring photos & stories from the HOPE Outdoor Gallery in Austin, Texas 2010-2016.

The second volume of the HOPE art-book features photographs of street art, murals, and moments from the art park alongside 50 community-sourced stories that capture the evolution of the HOPE Outdoor Gallery.

Over the past 6 years, the HOPE Outdoor Gallery (HOG) has become an Austin landmark.

With over 500 artists, families, and creatives visiting daily, there are thousands of stories and murals layered within its walls – and we've brought them to you in These Walls Can Talk

Janis Fowler

Oil Paintings & Prints - I'm an artist living on the east side of Austin, and I fill my days with creating art celebrating living things. I've always been drawn to painting and drawing animals and people and I love to paint both real and fantastic interactions between them. I strive to show the personalities of the creatures in my art, and I hope the viewer loves viewing them as much as I love creating them!

Janna Sammon

Prints & Stickers - I paint without any preconceived image or idea of what the outcome should be. From the unknown my paintings emerge and evolve. Creating the story. Just as you find shapes in the clouds, I find my creatures in the colors, lines, and textures of my paintings.

Jennifer Pate

Prints - My inspiration lies in the mundane and everyday actions that can remind people the beauty of being alive today. Food instills such a visceral memory of life, it connects people together.

JR Rapier

Prints - In this series of work I have strayed into the land of myth for my own personal enjoyment. My work as a whole has evolved from objects of nature with little life, to these same subjects with life represented in floral, birds and butterflies; I am now at play by painting what is left of the dead, their found skulls, and adorning them with personalities of gods and goddesses. I have a deep respect for the animals that live in our neighborhoods and surroundings, and therefore, I am glorifying their beings by transforming them into the powerful deities we once worshipped, and some of us still hold in high regards. In today’s modern world, it’s incredibly interesting and fun to see these creatures that creep through the night, and cross our dangerous roads as gods and goddesses shape shifting into our mortal world.

Julie Pelaez

Alcohol Ink Prints - have always felt a need to be creative and have sensed a nagging imbalance whenever I’m not fueling that need. As the daughter of a watercolor artist, I was exposed and encouraged to explore art at a young age. While I enjoyed fine art, I never quite felt passionate about any particular medium, and found my creative needs met with Advertising Design. After obtaining my BFA from the University of Delaware, I spent a decade as an Art Director at advertising agencies in and around the DC Metro area. When motherhood came, I seized the opportunity to raise my 2 boys and reboot. A move to Austin and a chance encounter with alcohol inks opened my creative floodgates. I had found my medium. Their fluid dance and soulful nature immediately called to me. I find the process itself to provide a symbolic practice of relinquishing control and being more present. It is an intuitive dance, a give and take between artist and medium.

JFR Glass

Glassware - Jared F Rosenacker is a custom glass artist living in Austin TX. He holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Bowling Green State University in Ohio where he graduated at the top of his class and was awarded the James W. Strong 3-D Studio Achievement Award. After graduation Jared moved to Seattle Washington where he immersed himself into the rich glass blowing scene, and continued his education periodically at The Penland School of Craft in North Carolina where he was the recipient of numerous scholarships. Most recently Jared spent 4 years working for the world-renowned Corning Museum of Glass in upstate NY. Through their outreach program, Jared demonstrated and educated his love for glass to guests onboard Celebrity Cruise ships. This experience allowed Jared to visit some 40 countries around the world. Having explored the many facets of a material that knows no limits, Jared is consistently drawn back to the simplistic function of a drinking cup. Enjoying the variety that life has to offer, Jared has blended his love for glass with his taste for finer things.

Jean Synodinos

Concrete Bowls - I reject creative specialization and believe that creativity comes to us in many ways, over time. Every creative itch deserves to be scratched, and our job is to learn our crafts, do the work, and get out of our own way. I paint because I woke up on June 1st, 2013 and simply knew it was time. ​My work is an abstract exploration of the perfect imperfection of curves implied by nature, as well as the lines imposed upon nature by people. In addition to canvases, my work in concrete seeks to be both gracefully utilitarian and ruggedly decorative.

Juan Villegas

Prints - My work consists of dreamlike images in which fantasy and reality meet, time and memory shift, and finely depicted everlasting compositions are captured to invite the viewer to step into higher consciousness. By applying a poetic and often metaphorical language, I want to seduce the viewer into a world of ongoing equilibrium where intervals of allegories articulate the streams of the human condition.

Jason Dean

Lamps - Ever since I was 14 I would help my dad and my older brother doing mechanic work. Soon I had enough knowledge to do it on my own and I became very good at what I was doing. But a back injury in my early 30's led to multiple surgeries. I found myself unable to work on cars, but even worse I was unable to provide for myself and my wife. I forgot about all of my goals and became very depressed. One day, after visiting the psychologist I suddenly began to see something in the junked car parts in my garage. The next two weeks I made 10 lamps that sold quicker than I could post on Ebay.

Kaijuju Designs

Framed Polymer Clay Sculptures - As a kid, try as I might, I could never seem to create truly horrifying monsters. They always looked, well...cute. I reason that is why my adult art takes sweet things, and makes them sinister in nature. This is my adult resolution to a childhood conundrum: adorably duplicitous, creaturely confections.

Kate Fitzpatrick

Prints - Kate Fitzpatrick is a painter, illustrator, and animal lover. Her work is inspired by animal stories and the beauty of the wild world. She loves strong coffee, true crime podcasts, and spending time with her loves - cats Tim Riggins and Leslie Knope, dachshund Petey, and her wonderful partner Bobby.

Kathy Phan

Greeting Cards & Prints - Kathy Phan is a pet portrait, illustration, and lettering artist based in Austin, Texas. She enjoys the use of color to bring out the character, dimension, and texture of her animal subjects. With a background in marketing and Asian American studies, Kathy paints both on-trend millennial foodie subjects such as avocado toast and rosé as well as Asian food that is popularized in the US as a result of immigration and the Asian diaspora. Her kathyphantastic products include watercolor pet portraits, pet portraits on ceramics, paper goods, stickers, and magnets.

Katie Chance

Prints -For painter and illustrator Katie Chance, inspiration came from a seventeen month long excursion across america in a mobile, solar-powered tiny house. As her studio traveled from coast to coast and the plains in between, she created crisp, vibrant renderings of the flowers she found along the way. She is currently inspired by her backyard garden in South Austin and the delicate details of individual wildflowers found in natural Texas habitats.

Katie Conley

Stamp Collage Prints - Katie processes and appreciates life via her art, so she chooses subjects that are full of joy and color. She has lived in and traveled to many places in her life, and loves her city’s local foodie, music, and festival scene. Her family loves a good hike, especially when it ends up in a creek! Whether they’re at home in Austin or traveling in France, Italy, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Spain, Greece, or the UK, Katie’s always on the lookout for a scene worth capturing—old buildings, unique vistas, and places that are full of story. Inspiration is easy to find in France, Mexico, and Greece, but if you’re paying attention, beauty is at the farmer’s market, a neighborhood garden, or a party with friends. Katie is an incredibly visual person, so ideas strike her often. She loves finding good composition already existing in her environment, and when she does, she snaps pictures with future paintings in mind. Hundreds and hundreds of pictures. It may take decades for these photos to become the subject being put to canvas, but when they do, she gets to relive the moment that she captured all those years ago. The sounds, smells, and emotions come back to her as she paints, whether it’s warm bread and tangy Parisian cheese, or the salty air and waves crashing in Greece or Mexico. The excitement and energy of that time and place are available at the tip of her brush.

Katie Cowden

Earrings & Magnets - Katie Cowden was raised in Bryan, Texas by an art teacher and a mad scientist, given mixed media supplies and books for every birthday, and brought up to take traditional materials and techniques from around the world to bend into something entirely new. Katie now wields light-based laser blades, barely-there flashes of silver needles, and teeny-tiny paint brushes with equal proficiency to make wearable and museum display worthy artwork in her East Austin studio. And as her repertoire of techniques and materials expands, so too does the Killer Queen empire.

Katrina O’Day Designs

Earrings - Originally from Houston, Texas, I have spent the past 28 years of my art/jewelry career focusing on how I fit in the world we live in and how I can make it a better place. Whether it be mixed media oil paintings incorporating vintage or upcycled components , designing and handcrafting healing crystal jewelry, or commuting on bicycle full time, I strive to have my work reflect my interests and concerns for our planet and each other. My most current designs are influenced by the beautiful waters of the Atlantic ocean and iconic Art Deco architecture of the Deco District in Miami Beach; my place I retreat to recharge my creative juices.

Karacotta Ceramics

Mugs, Planters & Home Deco -Kara Pendl is the designer, artist and creative director behind Karacotta Ceramics, based in Austin, TX. Kara is a {mostly} self-taught potter, with early instruction from a high school art class, a hobby exploration in 2011, and a lifetime of creative curiosity.

Originally a Wisconsin native, Kara grew up exploring in the woods, adventuring in nature, and creating with organic materials - these experiences heavily influence the unique aesthetic and processes in the body of her work.

Kim Kaiser

Prints - Kim Kaiser is an artist living in South Austin. She was born in The Netherlands and moved to The United States at 14 years old.She received her Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts at Texas State University in 2005 and has since then been working as a freelance artist. Her works are predominantly in watercolor but has extensive experience in oil and other mediums as well. Her experience includes studio showings in Texas and Malaysia and selling her original works in independent art markets in Texas, New Mexico and Malaysia. In addition, she has designed and distributed handmade and printed greeting cards, organized and taught "Wine and Paint" events and children's painting and craft activities.

Katy David

Vases, Dishes, & Boxes - stoneware, gouache and eggshells, I create work that asks the viewer to participate by imagining themselves immersed in a fantastical landscape of color, line and texture.

I explore how meaning can emerge from pattern, using color as a guidepost. Detail and repetition are important facets of my artistic practice. The imperfection of the handmade is integral because while I strive to create copies, there are inevitably differences emerge that are inherent in creation. Each is the same; each is different. This creates an interesting dichotomy and a compelling viewing experience, one that invites deeper study of the piece both as a physical object and as a representation of the importance of each individual as a part of the whole.

Laura Lee Romaine

Prints - Laura’s paintings explore a narrative through the use of humor, symbolism, scale, repetition, and carefully executed compositions. These staged allegorical scenes reveal struggles or truths we face in our lives. She draws parallels between everyday objects or biological systems present in nature. Sometimes her work is just exploring absurdity for the sake of being delightfully absurd.

Lauren Hunt

Glass Straws & Pour Bottles - Lauren Hunt is an artist and educator located in Austin, Texas. She began her focus in glass at Virginia Commonwealth University where she received her BFA. After graduating, she moved to Corning, NY and began a 7 year career working for the Corning Museum of Glass Hot Glass Show and their Blow Glass At Sea Program. Hunt’s glass reflects the inspiration from the years of travel she experienced while performing on board Celebrity Cruise Ships. Her work now, focuses on color and form as she strives to create a balanced, well crafted object. Lauren has participated and instructed at The Corning Museum of Glass, Penland School of Craft, and Ghost Pepper Glass. Lauren currently is a limited partner at Ghost Pepper Glass where she is an instructor as well as fabricator for various clients.

Lisa Zinna

Peruse & Purchase

Resin Woodblock Prints - I create what I call "fresh-squeezed, color-crazy photo art". Photography is the basis for my work, but the digital post-processing gives me the freedom to make an image into something unexpected. Techniques such as swapping colors, digitally layering, blurring, or adding photo layers of paper collages make for a nonstandard transformation. The results are fresh, the work is contemporary, and the process keeps me feeling excited to do it over and over and over again.

Little Green Press ATX

Prints - Little Green Press ATX is a small artisan business based in Austin, TX. This small printmaking business is run + owned by local artist Audrey Jahanian. Though this business is primarily print-based, her work expands to other media including, but not limited to: graphic design, mural work, drawing, painting, and bookbinding. But the passion is and always will be print. True to its name, this ‘green’ studio operates to create a low carbon footprint. Since there are no harmful chemicals used in the space, and Jahanian only packages the finished pieces in fully recyclable materials, all you’re really left with is the work. Just the way it should be.

Leslie Kell

Woodblock Resin Prints - Leslie is an artist and designer whose career has spanned more than 30 years in the Austin area. Although trained traditionally, after many years of working as a freelance graphic artist Leslie found herself enjoying the contemporary medium of digital art as a vehicle of artistic expression. Leslie offers a slightly different view of the world; rather than paint, she uses the color, texture and patterns of the elements she captures with her camera to create her surreal mirror-mad images. Her unique collections are inspired by photographic visuals from locations, events, and themes. Leslie lives in the Austin area, with her husband of over 30 years, her loyal dog Frida and 2 cats. She has served on the board of the Creative Arts Society, a local non-profit for artists, for several years and is the current President of the organization.

Manifest Magical Pendants

Pendants - Samantha emanates with a love for understanding humans that has carried her across the globe! She has chosen these crystals on her global travels and created each pendant with a unique hand sculpted piece of art that honors the natural qualities of the crystal. She started making sculptural pendants to express how crystals can be essential in manifesting intentions and inspiring personal growth. Each pendant is made with love to enhance your power and support you on your journey to discover the enlightened being that is already within you! Whichever pendant calls out to you is complete with sculpture that compliments the energy of the stone to help you connect with the stone in a personal way. May your highest self shine forth-the world is ready!

Mia Soleil

Prints - My name is Mia, I was born and raised in Austin, Texas, but always had a bit of a travel bug. After graduating from the University of Texas at Austin in May 2015, I took off for Argentina, where I spent about nine months traveling, volunteering, attempting to learn Spanish, and drawing. On returning to Texas, I knew I somehow wanted to construct a life where my art had space to grow, I started experimenting with painting, screenprinting, tattooing, just about anything I could get my hands on. About eight months after returning home, I boarded a one-way flight back south, to where I live now, just outside of Montevideo, Uruguay.

Merritt Gade

Earrings - My favorite things to make are tiaras, because of the unique architectural element they allow, the bold materials I get to incorporate, and the delighted surprise of shoppers looking for something different. Hair accessories, like combs, vines, and barrettes, and jewelry items are great way to bring my obsession to a more wearable place. I love to work with silver, gold, gems, and pearls, but have found colorful art wire, glass, shells, and crystals especially fun and important to my creative voice as well.

Newton Supply Co.

Bags & Purses - We are makers. We are inspired by the long and winding path that starts with raw materials and ends with a quality good. We believe that knowing where your products come from will bring greater meaning to them, and we value heirloom goods over fast fashion.

Our bags are produced in Austin, Texas with high quality, durable materials (locally sourced when possible.) Our waxed canvas is hand-waxed in Houston with local beeswax, and our printed canvas is screen printed in San Antonio and Austin.

Nina Berenato

Jewelry - Nina Berenato’s gold plating is applied 10x thicker than the industry standard and guaranteed for life! If it ever starts to come off in a way that bothers you, just exchange it on the spot in-store, or mail it to my store and I will send back a replacement for free.

Your jewelry is made with 100% recycled metals that are recycled and refined at United Metals, America’s largest environmentally-friendly refinery.

- Everything that I make is hypoallergenic. We NEVER use nickel in any of our jewelry and my designs are safe for even the most sensitive skin.

- As a final step, I apply a protective coat on all of the jewelry so it’s ok to get wet, come in contact with lotions and perfumes, or even be in the pool.

Pretty Kiku

Earrings - Welcome! I am Manue Reynolds, and I own and operate PrettyKiku, in the amazing, beautiful, sunny city of Austin, TX. PrettyKiku emerged from two different, unrelated inspirational sources. I am a geologist specialized in mineralogy and have always harbored a strong passion for rocks and crystals - their different shapes, geometry, colors. The other side of my passion comes from my fascination for Japan. I am in awe of their culture, their arts, their food, flora, history, etc... I admire how meticulous and thorough Japanese people can be. I try to honor that by making the most out of their gorgeous, colorful handmade papers. I treat each sheet of paper like the most delicate of precious stones. Paper is my medium. I started back in 2008, collecting Japanese paper everywhere I traveled. I experimented for a few months and discovered new and creative ways to use the precious and delicate paper, beyond the art of folding. PrettyKiku was officially born in 2011, with the opening of my Etsy shop. Since the release of my first pieces, my jewelry has evolved into bold, lightweight, colorful statement pieces that can be worn in any circumstance. I use laser cutting technology to produce the wooden base for every single piece I create. Every pair of earrings, every bangle, every necklace is handmade by me. The paper is carefully picked and hand cut, making each piece absolutely unique as no two cuts are the same. I truly believe this is something my customers cherish. Kiku, in Japanese, is the Chrysanthemum. The flower is a symbol of longevity and rejuvenation.

Pake Stephens

Framed Art - You wouldn’t think it by looking at me, but I was raised on a horse ranch in the incredibly rural Matagorda County, Texas. From those humble roots I have traveled far and wide, being fortunate enough to graduate from Texas A&M University and to see a fair portion of this ever shrinking Earth. It is from my travels that I gained a love for adornment; every culture has their own unique form. My works are largely constructed from rarefied and vintage materials that I collect from equally unusual origins. I amass odds and ends from antique shows, junk shops, estate sales, old warehouses, gem shows, foreign destinations, and from the natural world around us.

Pamela Gross

Sculptures & Paintings - I have spent most of my life pursuing and using advanced degrees in the sciences, and now have spent the past few years developing the right side of my brain. I find it extremely satisfying to transform amorphous clay into all sorts of shapes and colors, some functional and some purely whimsical and decorative. The idea that these creations have the possibility of surviving for centuries is also surreal. I hope that other people who view my work will enjoy seeing them as much as I enjoyed creating them.

Phia Grace

PrintsI began creating figure drawings as a form of therapy whilst in an eating disorder recovery clinic. Creating art that celebrated all the beautiful shapes the human form can take helped me to have a better relationship with myself. Now, a year and a half into recovery, I continue to create figure drawings to show others that they are a unique piece of art. My hope is my art can help others to feel represented and find the beauty in themselves.

Rebecca Klier

Watercolor Framed - My favorite flavor of Kombucha is Tart Cherry and Melon cause it has a kick and reminds me of a Watermelon Jolly Rancher. I I love watching cat videos and trampoline fails on YouTube. If you make me a batch of homemade chocolate chip cookies I will be your friend for life. For me, art is a way of documenting fleeting moments in time such as a shy smile or intricate patterns of a blooming flower. I use nature as my muse, particularly my latest works. I’ve gone more abstract than in the past, but continue to find likenesses to my favorite wildflowers and garden plants hidden in the strokes and textures of the paints.

Recycled Retro: Lisa Appleby Fredine

Earrings - I make stuff. I always have. I can't resist. Jewelry making, spinning, sewing, crochet, photography and darkroom work, mixed media, and fused glass. Recently, after finding stacks of vintage upholstery samples, I've been drawn back to fabric. Recycled Retro clutches and purses are all hand made from high end designer upholstery and interior fabric samples. Vintage and modern fabric samples, with amazing textures and designs, are upcycled and given new life as beautiful and functional, one of a kind accessories.

Remnant Studios

Earrings -I’ve loved creating forever. I get lost in it. But it’s the last thing I have time for and I’ve often thought it was a wasted dream. But no part of our dreams and lives are a waste. Our maker, who created these talents and dreams in us, can use even the “remnants” of our lives to make a difference on this planet. So here I am. My shop is my kitchen counter, my kiln is on the porch, and I create long after my kids and the sun have gone to sleep. And while there are 27 million human slaves in this world my goal is to use my dream to help fight for their rescue and freedom. Someday I hope to be closer to the front lines, but for now, my remnants will have to do.

Rhea Groepper Pettit

Prints - Hi there, I'm Rhea Groepper Pettit, and I live in the Austin metro with my husband and kitty. I pretty much love all genres of art, but I'm especially drawn to portrait painting. I have a passion for earth's residents: people and other species. I majored in fine art at the University of Texas, but the huge abstracts that were all the rage back then just weren't my style, and I wanted to earn a living. I switched to a more "practical" degree in graphic design. For the last 25 years I've been a professional designer, doing a few paintings here and there, and a lot of digital collage for fun. Since 2013, I have diligently devoted time to practice fine art and grow as a painter. I've taken workshops with David Shevlino, Jennifer Balkan, and at Laguna Gloria, which have been very helpful. I draw inspiration from the multitude of contemporary masters working today, as well as the ones who came before us. In June 2016 I transitioned to painting full time as a professional artist. I welcome new customers, and am thrilled that I have a number of faithful patrons who keep me busy with commissions. I could not have made this leap without their support!

Robin Gary

Sculptures - I create colorful, rustic functional ware and mixed-media sculpture. Clay, glass, neon, and found objects provide a never-ending toy box of creative fun for my sculptures. As a technique junkie, the daily choices I make in my studio are to produce a piece out of feeling or out of fun; out of knowledge or out of experiment; out of self or out of someone else’s self; and on it continues. Combining years of experience and artistic pursuit, I seek to draw the viewer into thought, to feel uncomfortable tensions, to question the basis of happier moments, and to weigh mysterious beliefs. And, of course, I want the viewer to WANT to touch.

Robert Calloway

Robert Calloway graduated from the Savannah College of Art & Design with a degree in Graphic Design. Robert has been an artist his whole life and currently resides in north Austin creating one of a kind pieces that use an array of vibrant colors, sculptural elements and layering techniques with a non-toxic epoxy resin that creates incredible dimension! An example of this is shown in Robert's unique approach to his bold colored Bonsai trees, by incorporating a sculptural element within the leaves that allows for a fun and tactile experience. Robert has been experimenting with the non-toxic epoxy resin for over a year and continues to manipulate this medium to create amazing depth within all his abstract pieces. Robert continues to explore new techniques that captivate his viewers and create emotion! As an artist, I aspire to create professional, vibrant, tactile, unique pieces that create depth and dimension to spark emotions and excite my audience. Using the highest quality materials, non-yellowing and non-toxic epoxy resin that preserves each piece for many years!

Robots in Rowboats, Art by Lauren Briére

Woodblock, Metal, Canvas & Paper Prints - Lauren Briere watches too many movies and eats popcorn as a meal more often than not. She grew up in Wrentham, MA and got her BFA in illustration from MassArt in Boston. She works from Austin, TX now and runs multiple projects from home. Her professional artists resume consists of work ranging from children’s book illustration, animated music videos (two of which for the awesomely sweet band, The Weepies), and quirky painting series made for her own amusement.

Rosemary Allen

Prints - Rosemary Kathryn Allen is a self taught artist and licensed massage therapist. My mystical work invokes the power to heal and transform you, the subject matter portrays a direct reflection of self work and emotional processing. I believe art is a meditative practice, and the energy a painting radiates directly affects the viewer’s psyche. Each of my spirit animal paintings represent a state of transformation and growth, they assist in the progression of maturity and awareness of the human experience.

Rust and Pearls

Necklaces & Earrings - Rust and Pearls was started in Houston, Texas at the beginning of 2013 by owner and designer, Debbie Sakach. All pieces are now made by hand in her Austin, Texas studio. Each piece has been carefully thought out and constructed with a nod to times long ago while still embracing modern style. Debbie uses a selective combination of vintage, new, and natural elements to create all her designs. Rust and Pearls is known for timeless one of a kind pieces and small collections that are perfect for everyday wear. All R&P small collections are produced in limited quantities. Small batch production allows Debbie to continually create and evolve. The inspiration behind the designs comes from a great love of history. Debbie began studying the fashion and architecture of various eras in middle school. She began her early career working with vintage clothes and soon moved on to jewelry. Everyday and every piece is an opportunity to learn more.

Sarah Beth Pottery

Sculptures - I predominantly make functional items, all wheel-thrown and hand-decorated stoneware. I've always been told my work is not traditional, and although at first I was apprehensive, I've grown to appreciate that. I'm not like everyone else, and that's a GOOD thing! I've always enjoyed trying and applying new techniques and color schemes and will forever work in that manner. I most enjoy creating custom functional work and doing my best to build bridges between a customer's vision and the final product. A handmade mug is the type of piece capable of telling a multitude of different stories. From the many hands that hold it, to the years of life and early mornings it witnesses, a mug is special, lucky enough to also be a piece of art.

Seek Adventure

Leather Goods - Founder and Creator of Seek Adventure Co, Julia Cleaver, is the mind and soul behind these one-of-a kind hand-made goods. Bailey is our four year old Jack Russell Terrier who shares her support by “staying” during the absurd number of photo shoots... She is a good girl..

Shelby Elizabeth

Prints - I am a pen and ink artist based in Austin, TX. In 2014, I obtained my Bachelor's of Fine Arts degree in Illustration from Ringling College of Art and Design.

Currently, nature has been my primary focus. I enjoy rendering plants and animals both to improve my own abilities and to depict their expressive nature. Pen and ink drawing has always attracted me, as the attention to detail required for the medium as well as it's permanent nature continues to inspire me every day.

Slow Fuse Photography

Prints -Slow Fuse Photography is a collection of landscape and urban photography by Anna Mallam. Anna is a photographer from Austin, TX, specializing in sunrises and sunsets. Featured as one of the top Texas Travel Photographers on Instagram, her signature palette of warm light and color is motivated by the calming glow of sunset.

Jewels by Stacia

Jewelry - As a jewelry artist, Stacia incorporates modern with classical design. Using organic, flowing lines, her pieces showcase fine gems. Balance is seen, even in asymmetrical pieces. Stacia believes the jewelry should enhance the beauty of the gem. Her designs are often minimalist, focusing the attention on the stone. She uses pearls in combination with colored gems to create beautiful art jewelry. Stacia was introduced to the art of jewelry making in a high school art class. She enjoyed working with metal and creating jewelry. Her quest for more knowledge first lead her to take jewelry classes at Garden City Community College in Garden City, KS. and later she enrolled at the Texas Institute for Jewelry Technology where she completed the Jewelry program. Stacia has kept up with new technologies. She is a jewelry CAD programmer and also uses a laser welder.

Stick With It Co.

Affirmations - Stick With It Co., was born in 2015 from a desire to share the journey of self-love with others seeking similar fulfillment. Affirmations on sticky-notes were the tool that catalyzed real change and transformation for our founder, and so she was inspired to share this with the world. We need as much love in the world right now as we can muster - and we must start with loving ourselves.

Southern Mineral Creative

Necklaces - I am a self-taught electrosmith born and raised in Louisiana and recently became a resident of Austin. About twelve years ago my sister taught me how to make a bracelet and from there I fell into the world of creating. Southern Mineral Creative consists of organics such as dried flowers and wasp nests, minerals, copper and other mixed metals. Simply, electroforming is a process of transmitting metal, such as copper, onto another object using electricity.

Thedocia Autumn Mae Crocker

Painted Mini art and Buttons - I create my images as a psychogeographic representation of my surroundings, as seen through my Nikon D3300 and recreated in pastel and paint; a visual ethnography in fine art form. My images seek to initiate a dialog with the viewer through the use of traditional and nontraditional techniques. Most center on the idea of our evolution and thus devolution due to the constraints in our nature.

Things by Bean

Greeting Cards - Hello, I'm Jo! I'm about to write about myself in the third person.

Jo Power brought Things by Bean to life in Melbourne, Australia circa 2011. Jo's collection of cards for all occasions, non-occasions and made-up occasions began as a stack of ten cards in a biscuit tin and since then, Things by Bean has grown into a brand stocked at over 100 retailers across Australia. It's taken Jo across the ocean a few times and down the road to the post box thousands of times.

Tiny Happy Clay

Ceramics - My name is Joy and I specialize in small batch ceramics created in my little garage studio in South Austin. I care deeply about our planet and strive to create items that will be cherished by their owner- not tossed in a landfill when the trends and tastes change! The goods I create aim to promote happiness and positivity not only through their messages but also through the feel of the material in your hand- you will feel the human factor in my work through slight imperfections.


Necklaces & Bracelets -Vibe is founded on the belief that when you nurture yourself, you nurture the world. When we take a moment to pause and appreciate nature, the moment becomes profound and has a ripple effect that can be felt infinitely. So, rather than feeling selfish in taking time for yourself or treating yourself, feel satisfied that you are increasing the positive vibrations in the world because you took that moment. One way to nurture ourselves is to mindfully select the things in our lives that surround us. It is Vibe's mission to create items to cherish, make you feel good and assist you in nurturing yourself. I call this curating your vibe. Get cozy, Dive in and see what finds you here. Take a moment to curate your vibe. The universe appreciates you.