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58 Austin Artists Participating in our New Exhibition, 3Ps (Pets (animals), People & Places)!

Let’s run the number….58 artists in 3Ps; 28 artists are exhibiting for the 1st time with Art for the People, another 14 artists have been a part of our artisan market and are exhibiting in the gallery for the first time, and the remaining 16 artists have been in previous exhibitions at AFTP.

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("The Dance" by Chris Celusniak, "Fiona Sky" by Michelle Lawrence Schwartz, "The Reinvention" by Brian W Kirchner, "Madrid & Streets of Prague" by Tarah Luke, "Taj Mahal" by Janis Fowler, "Shoe Shiner's cat & Companion" by Melih Aydincik, "Poison" by Kellie Horan, "Queen Bee" by Emily Michele Berry, "Ninja Style" by Anna Ganina)

The concept for 3Ps (Pets, People & Places) began over a year ago: Art for the People was following so many stellar artists on Instagram that the idea of curating a humongous group exhibition began in my mind. The “Pets” was a sure thing with Charm Charm & Tassel being a part of Team AFTP. I originally had portraits as the 2nd “P”, but then realized that people created by the artist’s imagination might be more intriguing. “Places” is a tribute to my love of our Earth & what beauty can be created via architecture.

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(top) "Violet Crown" by Becca Borrelli, "Lunch on Lady Bird Lake" by Hallie Rae Ward, "The Bat in the Flower" & "Buzz" by Connor Teseny, "Watery Eyes and Blue Skies" (photograph) by Robert Safuto, "A Friday Afternoon at Barton Springs" by Holli Hartman

Each exhibition we curate, Hallie Rae & I have learned the nuances of installing group exhibitions. With 3Ps being a themed exhibition, all of the artwork seems to magically compliment each other and the flow is exquisite!!! Note to self…..use a “theme” for large group exhibitions!!!

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"The G7" by Jara Lang, "Precious Moments" by Sharen Craddock, "The Ruins" by Martin Burke, "That's What It's All About Lifestyle Pillows" by Hallie Rae Ward, "SSB Table" by Lucky Fish Design

3Ps covers the entire wall space of Art for the People; front, lower & back gallery!! The opening reception for 3Ps was Friday, 27th of October, and what a stellar night!! For the opening we created artist badges to identify all of the 3Ps participants, so that it’s easy to know and socialize with each other. The evening began, the cold front arrived (doors were open & no mosquitoes), and Buddha’s Brew Kombucha cocktails were flowing with a crowd of art lovers & artists. For Team Art for the People, it was a night of excitement and gratitude for the many Austin Artists! We are so very grateful to the magnificent Artists in Austin, Tx that entrusts us to showcase their artwork! 3Ps will be our exhibition through the 27th of January 2018!

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(left) "Amazonian Wedding" by Janis Fowler, "Dragon Flying" by Darien Nuckols, "Chicken of the Apocalypse and Friends" by Karen Woodward and "Robots Series" by Avel Glaz

(middle) (5) "Manifest" by Norah Levine, "Tjuntjunjarra Man" by Lisa Bussett, "Two Queens" by ML Keating, "Feed the Birds" by Anna Ganina, "Narcissa and Homage to JS Bach" by Marty Lewis, "Mamas Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up to be Labradors" by Katie Stahl, "Grey Hound" by RG Pettit, "Le Cat" by Mary Ishler,

(right) "Julia and The Raccoons" by Neeka Allsup, "Poodlee Doodlee" by Eli Halpin and "Amazonian Wedding" by Janis Fowler

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Our next blog will be on the artisan market adventure of moving furniture, our “new to the artisan market” artists, and some surprises!!! Come by and peruse the magnificence of 3Ps and our spectacular artisan market of Austin Artists!!!

What can we all create together?