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I See You

Photographs by Two Keys Photo

Opening Reception: Friday, July 21st (6:30-9:00pm)

Exhibition: Friday, July 21st - Saturday, Oct. 14th

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We are honored to have such a beautiful and creative series of photographs.

(photograph, "Flight", by Two Keys Photo | model: Mia Hernandez)


Words from Karen & Steve Jackson of Two Keys Photo:

"As a couple, we observe and see people moving around us in their day to day lives. Seeing them we would like to know their life narrative. We believe that all people have obstacles in life, both positive and negative, they must overcome. These obstacles in turn create stories that reveal the inner strength in individuals.

We want to take photographs that result in beautiful images of experiences or difficulties showing the strength of an individual, to allow the viewer to look deep within oneself and make a connection with their own strengths. We use real world locations and props to create backdrops into surreal worlds that produce both negative and positive emotional reactions for viewers. Some images are quiet while others almost create a frenzy for the observer.

The final edited images are nothing like the images taken in camera. Compositing, editing, textures and tonal changes all aid to create uniquely surreal portraitures. We hope that viewers will question the “why” and “what” regarding images to create dialogue among others who interpret the images differently."

More to come!

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