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Your Bell by Evan Runyon in the exhibit, Abstract Absolutely.jpg

Monday (8/7/17) was stellar day in ATx, we received a day of glorious rain on the day of the full moon!! Our upcoming August event is MUSIC is Happening which includes LIVE Art! with Helena Martin (@helena_paints) and Emily Ding (@mleeding) & the musical duo, Erin & Evan (@erinandevanmusic)!!!! Evan Runyon is one of our Abstract Absolutely artists & also had several pieces of artwork in our previous exhibition, The Mighty Vignettes!!!!

decorative ceramics in austin

Art for the People has a duality with the artisan market & exhibition gallery of ~125 Austin Artists. This week’s blog will be an overview of what the artisan market is and then we’ll have additional blogs about the artists over the next few months. The Artisan Market is a plethora of handcrafted items and we are adding new items and artists every month. Each artist brings a different look & energy to Art for the People and having a vast array of each artist’s creations is important to us. We have a diverse selection of locally crafted jewelry, functional & decorative ceramics (which is one of my healthy addictions), prints from artists in gallery exhibitions, photographers & other local artists (quite a vast array), local bath and body products and cards aplenty.

creative arts in austin

What a superb & glorious opening reception we had for Abstract Absolutely, I See You (photography) & Scene Builders. J Muzacz was extremely generous by gifting 25 prints of each of his Scene Builders’ artworks (2000 Lincoln Town Car & Buick Regal Hard Top) throughout the evening. Billy North of North Fabrication delivered Eutierria (Raw steel base with a natural pecan slab from the bottom of Lake Travis) late Friday morning which completed our installation of Scene Builders.

austin art events

Summer solstice has occurred, the full moon is approaching on the 7th of August and we’re starting our 1st weekly blog!!!! Yippee!!!!! Creating exhibitions for Austin artists is a wonderful experience, and what a great way to begin our 2017 blogging escapade by sharing our excitement for our 5th, 6th & 7th exhibitions featuring Austin artists!! WOW & that’s with our exhibitions up for 3 months!!!! 2017 has been about group art exhibitions created by Austin artists (so many stellar ATX artists). Jan ‘17 began with 2 simultaneous exhibitions; ART for All + ALL for Art (Art from the Streets) & the 1st annual Art of Celebration (benefiting Hope Outdoor Gallery & Share Art Heal).


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